“Memories in Second Degree: Postmemory of the Civil War, Franco’s Dictatorship and the democratic transition in contemporary Spain” is a research project dedicated to the study of the phenomena of “postmemory” or memory of second and third generation about the recent past in Spain.

The research addresses the visual, literary and cultural practices of creation and recreation of collective memory by the “generations after” of those who directly experienced the facts of the Spanish Civil War and post-war repression. Therefore, the project is focused on the field of social memory studies, paying attention to the transmission and generational re-enactment of the Spanish traumatic history, with an interdisciplinary approach unusual in previous studies.

Our main topics consider the link of media and cultural productions created in the last decades with issues such as the memory of violence and repression, gender perspectives, national and political identities, and oral history.

This project is financed by the R&D Plan of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (Ref. CSO2013-41594-P). All the publications and deliverables can be consulted in this website.